Thursday, July 26, 2012

Poetry Roundup

Welcome to Poetry Friday. This is a weekly roundup sponsored by the folks over at A Year in Reading

What with one thing or another
(including a visit from mother)
this post almost slipped my mind
but I think that you'll find
some poems here 
that will make you cheer. 

For starters I want to share the only real poem I've ever written. I don't remember why I wrote it, it wasn't a school assignment and I've never actually been fond of poetry. This was way back in high school. I wrote about a subject that was very important to me all through my schooling. I just never seemed to get enough. 

If you're looking for more poetry, I've got a nice long list of recommendations for you. Starting out with: 
Diane Mayr-- The first day of the Olympics--what a great day to host! At Random Noodling I have an Olympics poem, "Ode for the London Olympics 2012," and an awesome photo from the Olympics 100 years ago.
Kurious Kitty shares "Lines" by Martha Collins, and, Kurious K's Kwotes' P.F. quote is by Goethe.
Violet N.--My poem has an Olympic angle... It's an occasional poem, written in honor of a friend's 60th birthday. (The Olympic angle is that he's newly into doing triathlons. Triathlon is an Olympic sport, isn't it?)
Charles Ghigna--Thanks for hosting! Our "Summertime" poem from Cricket is posted at The FATHER GOOSE Blog

If I've missed anyone or you suddenly feel inspired leave us a comment and a link to what you want to share. 

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  1. Couldn't find you before! Re-commenting here:
    Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday. Hope this is the "write" place to post today! I wrote a poem from my mother's birthday that was yesterday, so I'm linking to it today! It's at Mainely Write.

  2. Having just made it home from a 12 hour delay and a wee night's sleep on the Newark airport floor....I relate to your study hall sleep poem very well! Today at The Poem Farm, I have a poem for the mailman... Thank you for linking me in your list...and thank you for hosting! a.

  3. Happy to have found you!
    I have an original poem entitled "Ghost Kitten" at
    Thanks for hosting.

  4. Thanks for doing the roundup this week!

    At Wild Rose Reader, I have a post titled "MOLE POEMS: Variations on a Theme."

  5. Thank you for hosting. A poem about skyscrapers here:

  6. Thanks for hosting! My post for today is here:

  7. I love your high school poem! I like how you presented it in its original pink-ink format. My favorite line was: "My arms make a pillow, my hair a sheet." It's still making me smile.

    I have a poem I wrote long ago, too. It's a little ditty of a poem about elephants and their memories. I also pontificate a bit about those poems and lines that stick with us.

  8. Your study hall poem brought back such memories of high school! I posted about poetry here:

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you, Bibliophile! You can delete this comment. I was able to post the comment myself (2 above this one). Sorry for the extra Poetry Friday task. The good news is that I finally figured out how to post comments to Blogger. I don't know why it doesn't work for me in Firefox, but at least it does work in Safari.

  10. Perfect way to make people love poetry: force them to write a poem during study hall. Ah, good ol' high school!
    Over at The Drift Record I've posted two lovely poems by Ursula K. Le Guin. And at Books Around the Table" I reflect on a writer's need to allow for a few "distractions."
    Glad to see the round-up!

  11. Thanks for hosting...your blog is new to me. It is, in a word, terrific!

    I've posted a school related poem that's about a little more than school. Ok, a lot more.

    --Ben at The Small Nouns

  12. P.S. I love the pillow and sheet lines!

  13. Thanks for hosting. I too love the study hall poem as well as its colorful ink. Reminded me of those pens that had six different colors all inside and at the push of a button you could have purple, green, was amazing for a doodler like me!
    I am sharing a few short poems to give a glimpse of my July.

  14. Thanks for hosting! I have a poem by Dylan Thomas and one by Naomi Shihab Nye.

  15. Thanks for hosting. Here's my link over at DoriReads.

  16. Hi, thanks for hosting. Here's my Poetry Friday Link - In The Library by Charles Simic as we continue to celebrate our bimonthly theme on "Dusty Bookshelves and Library Loot"

  17. Thanks for hosting. Please add my review of Builder Goose: It’s Construction Rhyme Time!

  18. My early Saturday morning routine: the house is quiet, I've got my cup of hot tea, and I'm ready to read through the Poetry Friday offerings. Thank you again for doing the roundup this week. Your study hall poem is a perfect snapshot of the teen brain!!

    I hope you'll join the Poetry Friday community in the upcoming weeks. As you see, not everyone writes original poetry -- folks share seasonal or topical poems, or review poetry books. And just to clarify -- the Poetry Friday roundup is not owned or sponsored in any way by me and Franki at A Year of Reading. It is a Kidlitosphere event, a community event. I'm only the volunteer secretary. Twice yearly, I put out the call for roundup hosts and type up the schedule. The reason we have a traveling roundup site is so that no one blog comes to "own" the PF roundup. (No need to change the lead of your post, this is just FYI.)

    Have a great Saturday!


  19. Late to the party, but my link is here:

    Thanks for hosting!

  20. Oops! Meant to make the link clickable:


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