Saturday, July 7, 2012


Narc by Chrissa Jean-Chappell
high school & up

Aaron is offered a choice when his little sister is caught with weed by the cops. Either work as a narc or sister gets arrested. He reluctantly agrees and begins trying to discover who is the biggest dealer at his school. This is difficult because he's never really made many friends before. Aaron is more of a loner stoner than a party person.

I had a problem with this book. Aaron goes on and on about how he's only doing the narc think to protect his littler sister. He then proceeds to spend almost no time with her at all. He barely even talks to her. She's basically left to her own devices yet every now and then he tells himself how he is all she has. There just wasn't really enough evidence of that for it to ring true for me.
The lifestyle did seem more realistic. Urban high school and not enough parental supervision. These kids stay out all night, crash at each other's houses and have no trouble getting their hands on drugs. Every high-schooler knows who the druggies are. So, the police wanting a 17 to act on a narc isn't a stretch. It makes perfect sense to me.
I also understood part of Aaron's character. Not the stoner part. The part where he sees himself as human wallpaper in his school. Not too many friends, not too many enemies. Just kinda wandering through the social scenes without making too much of a fuss. Most kids probably feel that way.

Verdict: suggested, especially for a large urban schoolPin It

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