Friday, July 6, 2012

Fever 1793

Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
middle school & up

Yellow fever is sweeping through the town of Philadelphia. Those who can are fleeing to the countryside in hopes of escaping. Those who can't are staying put trying to survive. The city is low on food since farmers can't get in and high on fever victims.

I love this author. She is definitely on my favorites list. I've actually been wanting to read this for a while now. I first saw it in a B&N and was really intrigued by the girl's yellow eyes. So I was happy to run across it at a used bookstore while on vacation. Hooray!
This is great historical fiction told in a diary/journal style. Mattie is my kind of character. A regular kind of girl who steps up when she has to. At the start of each chapter is a quote from people who lived through the actual events.
The focus is on Mattie. There isn't a lot of focus on the disease itself. More of the aftermath of the disease. What happens to the kids whose parents die? What happens when the farmer's markets are empty? How do you communicate when there is no mail delivery? When it is all over, how do you rebuild your life?

Verdict: highly recommendedPin It

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